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Watch the whole talk here»

Almost 20 years ago, writer Andrew Solomon fell into a deep depression. In this talk from TEDxMet, he speaks eloquently and openly about his struggle with “the family secret we all share,” but that no one wants to talk about. If you are a human or know a human, you have to watch this talk, but — be warned — you might just find yourself in tears.

Oh so real.

This is all relevant for anxiety disorders as well

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why is jay-z wearing nail polish

jay-z is black black :)


what a shame..

people are still clapping lmao


my dad told me that i’m not allowed to wear tank tops around the house because they make me look like a whore so I put on a floor length skirt and a sweater and I wrapped a scarf around my head and I put on gloves (so now none of my skin is showing except my face) and then i came back out and he’s really really angry but he doesn’t know how to phrase his anger he’s just sitting here fuming and I’m glaring at him I think I won this round 

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i’ve reblogged this like three times and i still have no idea what the fuck is going on

is this what happens when actors try to leave disney

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this is the greatest photoset i’ve ever seen on my dash! ALLAHUAKBAR!

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Royal Family - Harlem Shake

this is so cute

Oh. My. God

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